Welcome to Rigair Yorkshire Terriers - Canada
Our names are Ilona Rodionova and Tatyana Kolesnikov. We
are small hobby breeders and live with our families in Aurora
and Thornhill (15 min. north of Toronto, ON).
We are devoted exclusively to the Yorkshire Terrier breed and
have been producing beautiful Yorkies since 1996. Our dogs
are healthy, home raised, well-brought-up and beautiful.
We breed on limited basis, and only top quality C.K.C.
registered Yorkshire Terriers coming from the best bloodlines.
We are trying to collaborate with high quality kennels for breed
We are very thankful to Betty Ann Durrer for letting us use
her beautiful dogs in our breeding program and sharing
with us her huge experience.
Since 2007 we check all our dogs for portosystemic liver shunt (bile-acid blood test).

Our puppies are sold as pets and go to their new families with CKC registration, non-breeding agreement, two years
health guarantee, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and trained appropriately to their age.

We provide professional training and professional grooming services.
Rigair Yorkshire Terriers
Our show dogs are not only show champions, they also practice obedience, agility, flyball, tricks etc. We want to see our dogs not only
beautiful, but smart and active companions as well.This is why we are always happy to help new owners with training and grooming
their puppy .
Our  Kennel Rigair was registered in Canada in 2005.
And we are very proud to announce that
Till now we have
30 champions !
13 from them are dogs with natural tails ! (*T)
20 Canadian Home Bred (*CAN)

Group placements CH Rigair Barcelona (Tikka) ADC,  (*T)
CH Durrer's Dolce Vita (Dusia)
CH Rigair Charming Melody ( QT )
(*T) (*CAN)
Group placements Jun.LV , Can CH Rigair Just Fancy (Malvina),  (*T)
CH Rigair Grazzia Bella ( Glasha) (*CAN)
Group placementsCH Rigair Harmony Top Diva (Asti) (*T)
CH Rigair Banderas (*T)
CH Rigair Josephine Petit Etoile ( Jossie) (*CAN)
CH Rigair York De Marquess (Marquess) (*T)
BISS Multi group placemets South Afr Am Can CH Rigair Marshal
a (Marshal)(*CAN)
CH Rigair Mishel (*CAN)
BIS Inter Multi CH Rigair Makintosh (*CAN)
Group placements CH Rigair Evolution (Lulu) (*T)
CH Rigair Mona Liza (Liza) (*CAN)
CH Rigair Ursa Major (Ursa) (*CAN)
CH Rigair Yabba Dabba Doo (Kate) (*CAN)
Group placements Gr Am Can CH Rigair Sir Razzle Dazzle (Razzle) (*CAN)
Multi CH Durrer's Diesel Power (Diesel) (*T)
CH Rigair Isadora Duncan (Asol) (*CAN)
GrndBraz /Can/Braz/   CH  Rigair Ariel (*CAN)
4xBPIG CH Rigair Sole Mio (*CAN)
CH Rigair Jam Session (Jam) (*T)
2xBIS BPIG 10XCH Rigair Quick As A Flash (*CAN)
CH RigairUnique Secret of Love (*T) (*CAN)
CH Rigair Quebec Well Made (Murzik) (*T)
CH Rigair Rapunzel (*CAN)
CH Magic Country Princess On A Pea (*T)
CH Rigair Keep Me Up (*T) (*CAN)
CH Magic Country Fast And Fuogin
CH Rigair Old Disney
CH Rigair Zlata Dress For Success (*CAN)

Watch Rigair Yorkshire terriers at the show!
Ilona Rodionova
Tatyana Kolesnikov
Attention! Any Web sites with the word "RIGAIR" except www.rigair.com and www.rigair.lv
are NOT  related to Rigair Yorkshire Terriers Kennel (CKC and FCI registered)
Fight Puppy Mill in Canada
Parental control sugested
To keep our breeding stock on limited basis we have to separate from our dogs that retire from breeding.
We place them into loving homes where they can have a great life.
This is very painful process for us. But we have to do it, to continue our dedication to the breed improvement.
But some of our loving dogs reject leaving our homes (LOL) and we are happy to keep them
as pets after retirement :) (Tikka and Lola)
Some of our yorkies are living in foster homes where they can have a great life as pets, but still make an input for the future of
the Yorkshire Terrier Breed