CH Rigair Barselona
Tikka 7month old.
Tikka 15month old.
Tikka 2 years ols.
She has bright red hair with darkly steel silk on
her body. It looks very elegant. Her weight s 2,5
kg. (5,6lb). Tikka's father is Hunderwood Royal
second at the World dog show 2005. He is the
Baltic Champion and very nice show dog.
A beautiful proud bearing, a nice top line,
elegance and free movement Tikka has got from
her father.
She is successful at the shows in Canada. She
finish her Canadian Championship with group
She wants to be dominant among dogs, likes to
be in the centre of attention. This dog has
tremendous energy; she is ready to work any
time. She adores working with speed.
In 2006 she took part at the Agility competition.
She has great speed forher size. When she run
everybody enjoy to watch her.
She has ADC title in Agility.

Ilona Rodionova
Tikka's babies