Events 2005 -2007
The New 2008 year was
started with the new sport
On the 1st of February Tikka
became The Starter Agility
Dog of Canada!
New Canadian
Champion !
QT - the New Canadian Champion
Only in three shows 17 month old QT became the New Canadian
Champion. Fall,2007
The Summer of 2007 was the time of great success in
sport: Agility and Obedience
Today, on the 19th of February, 2006 Tikka
finished her Canadian Championship!     
On October 13, 2006 Dusia (Dolce Vita) finished
her Canadian Championship!
On the 16th of July,2006, Sunday we all met for a Rigair
Fun Day to celebrate our beautiful dogs and their loving
"parents". Aurora, ON.
Markham Fair  September, 29 -
October, 2 2006