Events 2008
Kilbride Kenel Club,
Glasha comes first in a
very serious competition
- 9 dogs in a ring!
And she is only 17 month
Best of Breed and Best
of Winners.
Glasha became a new
Canadian Champion
Only in 3 shows , Only 17
month old.
Thank you, judges: Olga
Gagne, Diana Miller, Ms.
G.Geringer,Mr. John
Ross and Mr.W. Pinsker
On the October 31 ,2008 Toy Dog Club of Ontario Specialty
Our puppy Rigair Michele won
1st in Puppy Group
Thank you, judge Jon Cole (TN-USA),
Congratulations to the owner,
handler and breeder Ilona Rodionova!
Rigair Banderas Canadian Champion
owner: Galina Sakcharova,
breeder Nalia Priladisha ( )!
Handler: V. Burmenko.
winning 2nd in group at the "Purina National"
in Tillsonburg, ON on the 22nd of November,2008.
Thank you judge Juan Carlos Vasconsellos.
Congratulations to the owner,
handler and breeder Ilona Rodionova!

New Champion Rigair York De Marques
Sire: Lv.Lt.Ru.Ch.Smilain Fitness Fancier
Dam: Ch. Rigair Blue Butterfly.
Congratulations to the breeder: N.Priladisha and
the owner: T.Erdmane-Herdmane.
Thank you Judges Carlos Fernandez,
Rene Echevaria Cofino, Juan Carlos Vaskonsellos

Congratulations to Natalia Priladisa
and her team: T.Efremova, and T.Erdmane-Hermane.
With very succesfull results on the Eurasia Dog Show 2009
( Russia - Moskow )
Congratulations to  Eric Bernard with
Wild Fantasy Hocus Pocus to win Best in show.

RIGAIR MAKINTOSH (Owner Natalia Priladisa, breeder Ilona Rodionova)
-Best dog Junior CAC Jun ( Full brother of
Rigair Marshal Gzada).

RIGAIR LAROKKA (Owner Natalia Priladisa) -Best bitch Junior CAC Jun,
RIGAIR INDIANA JOHNS (Owner T.Efremova) - Best Junior, Rez CAC
middle class
RIGAIR SPICE GIRL (Owner T.Erdmane-Hermane)- CAC  Winners bitch,
Winner of champion bitches.
Rigair Makintosh
CH Durrer's Exclusive Priority)
Congratulations to the owners and breeder!