New CanadianChampion Rigair Marshal Gzada aka Marshal
CH Rigair Charming Melody, CH Durrer's Exclusive Priority)
Owner Betty Anne Durrer & Ilona Rodionova.
Marshal became a new champion at  Guelph & District Kennel Club.
On Friday, 17th of April he got BOW, BOO.
Judge Donald G. Wallace NS.
Congratulations to breeder Ilona Rodionova.
Competition and got Two Legs.
We are very proud that our Yorkies not only beautiful Champions, but very smart dogs that can compete with working dogs on serious level.
On Friday April 24, 2009 Rigair Mishell (CH Rigair Charming Melody,
had got BOO at Victoria County Kennel Club ,
Our Lola is the grandmother of Mishel, Marshal and Makintosh !
Congratulations to Ilona with Lola's Obedience CD title !
the class Novice B. Lola finished with the highest score 196.                          
with the great start.
Only at long down Lulu was distracted and lost her points. Great job Sherrie and
Lulu!!! Good luck in future, and we want to enjoy to see your nice work with Lulu at
the trial again. For sure they will have a lot of fun at the competitions and very
good results.
Also thanks to judges: Marie- Johanne Cloutier, Ted Leslie, and Swansea Dog
Obedience Club for perfect organisation of this trial at Pine point Arena.                 
Congratulations to Ilona
with 1st leg in Open B
class, and she get
1st of August, 2009
Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club.
Thank you to Judge Mr.G. Kill.Cong.
Congratulations to Ilona and Lola. Lola has got the1st leg in Open
B class, and  1st place in a class with 194 points. Thank you to
judge Isobel Hutton.
Congratulations to Lulu with 4th group placement,
Rigair Evolution, breeder and owner Natalia Priladisa.
Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club, 2nd of August,2009
Rigair Mona Lisa (Lisa) at her first show got 5 points
taking Best of winners two days.
Congratulations to Lisa's owners:
Inessa Semerenko and Ilona Rodionova.
Breeder: Ilona Rodionova.
Lisa is the full sister of Marshal, Mishel and Makintosh
"Flyball dog", and "Flyball dog Excelent" Competitions were held in
Paris,ON on  3-4 of October.
Congratulations to our team "4 on the floor"
with 3rd place in Open division!!!

Rigair Evolution
9 th of October, 2009
New Champion!
Congratulations to
breeder and owner Natalia Priladisa
Thank you, judge MS. Kristen Francis
News from USA !
CH Rigair Marshal Gzada took
Best of
at Nations Capitol Specialty today!
Congratulation to the breeder Ilona
Rodionova and to the owner: Betty Anne
Durrer, Co-owner Ilona Rodionova.

Rigair Liberty Lolita
She has got the 1st place in the class
Open B, with the score of 195,5 points.
Show was held by London Canine
Association in Tilsenburg.
Thank you, Judges: Michael Calhoun and
Cheril Bishop.
we are happy  for Rigair Ursa Major
and her debut at CYTA specialty, was held on 31st of October,2009
She took Winners bitch over 11 females and Best Puppy in Specialty.
Way to go Ursa!
CH Rigair Marshal Gzada received Award of Merit
Rigair Razzle Dazzle took 1st place in his class, Congratulations to his owner and handler Gail
Rigair Yaba Daba Doo took 1st place in her class too!

Thank you judge Ms.S.Goose Allen
Picture:judge Ms.S.Goose Allen, Ursa with Tanya
It was on Sunday, October 25 2009
Trial hold Muskoka District Kennel Club in GRAVENHURST, ON.
Well done Sherrie!!!
Rigair Sir Razzle Dazzle
Owner Gail Mc Larnon
Rigair Ursa Major